Questions about Bones

Basic  Bone 

Safety  Guidelines

Below are  several strategies that we ask you to employ to ensure the safety of your pet while using this product. If you have any other questions that are not listed here please reach out

  •  HAVE FRESH WATER AVAILABLE: It is always smart to have fresh water available to aid in proper digestion.

    1. SUPERVISE DURING USE : Keep a close eye on them while they are chewing. If at any time a bone starts to splinter, or is breaking into pieces the bone should be removed from your pet. Over time the bones will get smaller as they work away at them and can become a choking hazard, again their use should be discontinued. These are Natural Products and they will break down.

  • ENSURE THE BONE IS BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR DOG: Err on the side of caution always get the largest bone you think your dog could handle . The number 1 priority is that the bone is always large enough that it is impossible to swallow. 

  • If the bone can fit completely inside their mouth it is too small. 


  • Dogs love bones and sometimes they get really excited and roll a product around in their mouth or flip on their backs during moments of sheer bliss but you have to take the bone away when they are displaying these behaviors. 

    Once they have flipped back over you can return the bone with praise as a verbal reward for their compliance.  Rinse and repeat as necessary

    SHAMELESS PLUG  A tremendous amount of bones and chews available are exceedingly processed and packed with preservatives. Selecting all-natural products with less additional ingredients like ours will benefit your pets health and quality of life

    All of the treats and bones we sell are 100% Natural and have no additional preservatives. All bones are sourced exclusively from United States Department of Agriculture inspected suppliers.

    If you have any further questions on safe or acceptable  reach out to us @